Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Don't touch that shop.

I mean. Seriously.
A little while ago I bought an m3 adapter for the DS on Like a year ago, when it worked perfectly well (fast delivery, good support). However, this time it took them till thursday (ordered on Saturday, so it should have been processed on Monday) and I had to call them 3x until they actually sent it (or claimed to have sent it) on Wednesday. Ever since it is absolutely impossible to reach them:
they never respond to any emails sent (5 of them by now) nor do they pick up the phone. Which brings up the assumption that nobody is at the shop. Or that it is just a pseudoshop. However, you dont only get a "free" signal: every now and again you get a busy signal....

Then again, that signal might be caused by another annoyed customer trying to ring them...

I am super angry, and i wont ever - EVER - shop with them again...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

well done, mr warren

Postsecret, i think everyone of you knows it, is an ongoing art project where people send in their secrets on mostly very creative postcards. It is always a nice surprise to see the secrets that are on, and that have been there (hint: use an rss reader so you can reread older secrets, too). However, the page is so popular that you, to say it with neatorama, have to live under a rock to not at least have heard of it once.

PostSecret is actually something where I keep asking myself: why didnt i have this idea first? Ah well, too late now I guess. But props to Frank Warren for all that. One day I am going to get his books (which are a little costy though).