Monday, December 18, 2006

Cuter than pretty much everything...

go there:

it is rather old, so some of you might already know it, but it is sooooo cute that i thought i'd just post it up here...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

PostSecret Card

Singing Bird

This thing is actually a flash animation, but i honestly cant find the original source of it anymore.... if you know it by any chance, please, make sure to tell me - it's just hilarious :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Amish Deception Thing

Since the page with the story of the Amish abuse is currently down for maintenance, Here the direct link to the (long, but worthwile) story of an Amish family:
Check it out if you have time on your hands, it is still rather shocking to read what happens without other people noticing...

Old news, apparently

As it seems (goodness, i am slow sometimes) the video of the Jesus Camp is a little bit older... and the camp shut down:

"The summer camp featured in the documentary "Jesus Camp," which includes scenes with disgraced preacher Ted Haggard, will shut down for at least several years because of negative reaction sparked by the film, according to the camp's director."

Well... was to be expected, sort of...

Jesus Camp

Thanks to Ben i have seen this really disturbing video. it is worth seeing though. There are two kids that play a major part in this video: Rachel and Levy.
Rachel is one of those kids you actually want to take away and brainwash her in a way that makes her forget the current brainwash. Big sympathy for her, she is already rather freak-ish, I wonder how bad it will be later on in her life.
Levy, the boy, on the other hand, is a different matter. Actually I sympathise with him. Yeah, he had to hold this preach etc etc, but he did it quite well, and I assume that, as long as you dont touch any religious matter talkwise, you can get along with him very well. Though hearing him say that when talking to non-christians something would be missing makes me feel sick again. Anyhow, it is an interesting flick - oh and i can also recommend actually clicking on the videos to see the comments, some of them are rather interesting...

Apparently someone started to bitch and caused youtube to remove the videos. if you happen to find them, feel free to note me :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A chair is NOT a cool christmas gift.

Money and gift certificates have a really bad reputation regarding their use as christmas presents. Quite frankly, opposed to the general reputation, money, as a piece of paper with the same value but much more restrictive, gift certificates would be on top of my wish list right now. Normally i love reading good, intriguing books, and even more i love getting new gadgets for my pc or laptop - or for gaming. But if someone absolutely has no idea on what to get me, i am fine with appropriate gift certificates. Considering the fact that i mentioned that i'd quite like getting a wii, upgrade my computer or get a PS2 probably gift certs would have been the best options.

Today i got my christmas present. I was playing the piano when my parens rang the door, asking me to come down since they already had my present, but because it was so heavy and huge they couldnt hide it and wanted to give it to me today already - after i helped them carrying it up. I dashed down, hoping for... i dont know, hoping for the wii :) (but i think that one isnt really heavy) and when i arrived downstairs i saw two huge packages with... chairs.
I got a god damn chair.

And because it was a relatively expensive chair (well, we're not rich, so dont think of a diamond chair ;)) and because they said it this will be my only gift.

I think, it is about time (next February, early enough before my birthday) to tell them, that i dont want any pressies anymore. You anticipate so much, but.... well, my brother usually gets what he likes, game boys, now a nintendo ds, loads of lego, some electronic stuff........ the only electronic device i got was a mega drive II back in the days and a tiny TV for it. And Final Fantasy VII, but i had to pester my parents for years to get that. Oh and a mini-stereo, but that was about 10 years ago, too. Aside from that count watches, pullovers, clocks, perfumes, make up etc to the list. And coats. Loats of stuff i am not interested in the least. Instead i have to buy everything that is technical myself. And selling the gifts? You dont do that.

So, any alternatives? Yes. Telling them to stop giving you stuff for christmas. and birthdays of course, too. Because then you dont expect them to get something cool. And the disappointment is MUCH smaller.

a friggin chair....*grumbles*....

Nice Reflex-Zones

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yeah, right.

Note: this is the EU/German version of a rather well known online game... MMORPG more precisely.




Before my trip to the hospital i went to the zoo and aquarium, because my dad and I have won 4 tickets to go there. So i took my mum, brother and his friend there on a sunday to see what happened, since we all havent been there in quite a while.

Unfortunately i got bored of it very quickly, we have an animal park somewhere else in the city, which is much better, because you can have strolls around and it really is more of a park than a collection of animals, whereas the zoo just seems packed...

anyhow, i will just let the pictures speak:






Yepp, animal pictures. again. as if you have never seen any in your life ;)