Friday, September 29, 2006


This basically is a cool version of Blinkenlights just that it adds the ability to change the light intensity upon touch. Check for some more text as well as a video :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some more contemporary art

I am too tired for writing any texts. However, check out his portfolio on
If you fancy some tees, then go to and check out his products... no i dont get any money, even if i would quite like to have the Medium CrossOff Tee .
On the other hand, i still wanna have this shirt as well :D gotta see about my new job! :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You know him. I know you do. This is the Vitruvian Man by DaVinci. Now, imagine this picture being used in Biology classes do demonstrate the location of human organs.
Apparently the lecturer makes her students even draw the picture into their sketchbooks as well, so they can sort of "live" the idea.... go to this page and scroll down a little

Time Curtain
Ever wondered what time it is when you passed through a door in your flat?
Well, now you'll know :)

3D Commercials

This time i dont mean the kind of commercials that have a giant football sticking out of a building. Actually, it is just the ordinary kind of street ads you are used to, simply going around a corner and implementing this into the whole design. Quite cool actually; for more pics, please click on the picture below:

(Street) Art 2.0

I bet you all know the kind of streetart that involves Graffiti or chalk, right? or some sorts of statues and all the likes.

So, it is time to move on and find a new fancy style of street art which is even sort of legal (partly), so i want to present you a short but sweet list of new ways to make streetart:

a) Arty Bike Lanes - this one is actually legal in this case, the court ruled that this particular guy was allowed to continue designing bike lanes
b) Reverse Graffiti Art - This seems to be legal as well, oh and it is sort of my personal favourite. Despite him advertising UK Big Brother which many people seem to dislike (me too, kinda, but he does his own stuff this way too), it is kinda cool to make graffiti by simply _cleaning_ the buildings... you know, it is like little children writing stuff with their fingers on dusty windows. And if you wanna remove it, just clean the rest of the building.
c) LED Throwies - Okay, this i kinda expensive. And sort of lame. But it is definitely legal (because easy to remove), and furthermore if you wanna pimp your own home then just go for it :D (the surface has to be ferromagnetic in order to hold the throwies)
d) Glowing fabrics - Thank Philips for this gorgeous invention or well, development. Not exactly street art as it is, but you can surely make some with that... just imagine the possibilities...!!!! :)

Site Feed, old posts, new fun :)

As you might have noticed (or not, since i tried to keep the same layout - MIGHT change it. but that is subject to free time) i switched the blogger software to Blogger beta. It doesn't only offer labels, which are probably something like tags, but also comment feeds etc.
Does anyone ever use comment feeds? and are there feeds that actually merge the entries and comments?
Oh, please update your site feeds if you are using an RSS reader. you can find the feed address on the bottom of this page....
If you want to read through my old blog:
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