Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(Street) Art 2.0

I bet you all know the kind of streetart that involves Graffiti or chalk, right? or some sorts of statues and all the likes.

So, it is time to move on and find a new fancy style of street art which is even sort of legal (partly), so i want to present you a short but sweet list of new ways to make streetart:

a) Arty Bike Lanes - this one is actually legal in this case, the court ruled that this particular guy was allowed to continue designing bike lanes
b) Reverse Graffiti Art - This seems to be legal as well, oh and it is sort of my personal favourite. Despite him advertising UK Big Brother which many people seem to dislike (me too, kinda, but he does his own stuff this way too), it is kinda cool to make graffiti by simply _cleaning_ the buildings... you know, it is like little children writing stuff with their fingers on dusty windows. And if you wanna remove it, just clean the rest of the building.
c) LED Throwies - Okay, this i kinda expensive. And sort of lame. But it is definitely legal (because easy to remove), and furthermore if you wanna pimp your own home then just go for it :D (the surface has to be ferromagnetic in order to hold the throwies)
d) Glowing fabrics - Thank Philips for this gorgeous invention or well, development. Not exactly street art as it is, but you can surely make some with that... just imagine the possibilities...!!!! :)

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