Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Terrorism in Germany. (laugh now.)

As some of you might have noticed, various countries in the world are currently trying to introduce new laws that allow them even more surveillance - be it with CCTV, phone, internet or a microchip planted into your bum next time you go to the hospital ("the latest form of contraception - now also for men" or something similar). Now, you can hold up the panic from 9/11 for just so long, after that nobody believes you anymore, which means you have to find a better justification to set up your "private-shower-cams"-site.
Now, I think that the whole London Underground bombing foobar stands a chance of having been real. Because there was a number of injured people. Or, if it was (part of) a plot by the government, then it was to scare the shit out of people once so they wouldnt have to do that again, only show the possibility. After the bombings they removed all bins from the underground stations, but apart from the station entrances didnt add any cctv. So far so good. Still there are vending machines that sell sweets - in plastic packaging which need to be thrown away; but didn't littering have a fine? So are you supposed to carry your own bin bag with you all the time? Also, when they say that CCTV is a massive help for fighting crime (which it isn't though), why didn't they set them up in the places that matter? Like, on trains? I dont mind being filmed on the train/tube, because if something happens there, you can actually see the person who did it, rather than guessing based upon who carried a plastic bag that looked like Mickey Mouse. Or who had a beard that looked like "terrorist". However.
I'm not talking about the USA plotting their own justifications. It is well known they do.
Contrary to what I hear from many people, I believe that the last "failed" attacks / attempted terrorist attacks in Great Britain were nothing but strategic fake. (and anyways, if you want to live safely, dont live in a capital city, even if it is just the financial capital city).

For years, there hasn't been any of those so called terrorist attacks that have been dangerous for any other people. Nobody got injured, and they usually "caught" those people "right before" they did it. And usually just by pure accident or incompetence. Now, the thing in Glasgow was different, you might say. Yepp, it was. But really, which criminal organisation sends their *smart* people to do the dirty work? It is like with the radical right-wing people (or all extremists): The smart people sit in the back, while the stupid people (sorry) do all the dirty work because they can be easily told to do so. Now, why would a doctor bomb himself? Maybe because he was a stupid doctor because he didnt think of the fact that you cannot run into an airport building so easily, seeing that they are constructed in a special way (planes might crash into them) since decades? Or the other thing with the liquid bombs which are the reason for the stupid drinking restrictions on airplanes:
a) several scientists have proved that you cannot this easily make a bomb on an airplane without standing out.
b) it would have taken ages, loads of smell and fire (and thus smoke)
c) you can buy all "dangerous ingredients" after you have passed the security check and still make your so called bomb.
d) last time I was taking potato salad with me. Brand new, factory sealed. Wasn't allowed to take it, because due to the yoghurt dressing it was sort of solid-liquid. Sure, I'm gonna bomb you with my food and NOTHING ELSE (i didnt have a lighter or any other ingredient on me at that time)....

And now they have found the three terrorists in Germany who have LEGALLY bought some chemicals and before they could do anything else with it, these chemicals have been exchanged with, lets say some water (it was something else), so they couldnt even sue them for having built bombs. Also there wasnt any definite plan. which is even better. Now you are generally suspicious, rather than, as it used to be, innocent until proven guilty. These guys might be back into freedom in a while, however, in my opinion they wanted the effect right now to introduce the national trojan horse, which is heavily debated (they want to send emails with the program and expect the people to be dumb enough to open the attachment. As if the "terrorists" wouldnt be clever enough...) the abuse possibility is so great, and this is what is going to happen - they will abuse it for everything else, but only after it is legal. As they have done with the lorry highway toll, originally it was "noooo, not for criminal records", and now they try to chase criminals with a system that doesn't work.
Besides the trojan horse (which will definitely be used to sniff out file sharing software) they want to introduce a 12-month-data-saving (detailed connection data is to be saved for a year) etc etc etc.

This is so ridiculous.... currently Sweden looks really attractive. Or Andorra. Does Andorra go through the hassle of all this? Probably not, they are not attractive enough for terrorists. ;)

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