Monday, November 06, 2006

Settling a score.

Disclaimer: to avoid revealing too much specific information on certain persons, i will call them A, B, C etc...

As some of you might remember, i'm doing martial arts. and as some others might recall i switched my teachers a little while ago. Now, in my opinion things only work out when you combine them, otherwise you are highly biased regarding the main aspect of the whole thing. While my former main teacher, A, minimises things as much as he can and tries to limit the teachings to a single form. This bit also sucks a little, because you dont get to choose "your" form. even if it doesnt matter too much in the end, everyone has his or her preferred form, and I quite like being able to choose. On the upside though when doing tui shou we learned to do it free-form. without any certain boundaries. which pleases me a lot.
so the new teacher, B, is trying to focus on teaching you a few more forms, so you can pick in the end, even if he does it in a certain order.
So, even if he is quite arrogant regarding his abilities (in my opinion you can be proud of having won some competitions, although he, if i recall correctly, never actually has won any, just got some good placements) you can learn quite a lot from him.
What pisses me off even more are those he calls "assistants". With one exception (the only problem with him is his posture, but at least he knows his flaws) they all think their abilities are so friggin great that they sort of forget they suck.
why they suck?
well, lets have a look at C for instance. She really thinks her MA abilities rock. But for example a big no-no is to have a hollow-back. noooow guess what she has, extremely...?
And she keeps talking about energetic aspects of that MA, but hell, no. Not her. She talks too much about things. And when she is supposed to _TEACH_ all she does is care about herself and mind her own business (like just practicing her own forms for the whole lesson). Even if you have a competition going on, you can still learn on your own, in your free time. Dont need to leave people, who pay for lessons, by themselves.

Not criticising to leave some by themselves and taking care of others, sometimes you cant do it differently. But she wasnt even doing that, instead she took out her mp3 player, turned it on an practiced. When D came in she was doing the same with him, but altogether still didnt care about the students (D is an assistant now too). Oh, added to her arrogance she claims to be overly spiritual. C'mon girl. get some sense.
So, lets head on to D. He did some Karate, and he usually does some fancy acrobatics these days... his posture is overly correct, he thinks he is using the whole energy bit as well (i mean, hello? i have been doing this for quite a few years now, and the whole chi bit is not too constant still... sometimes things work quite easily, but some days it takes loads of concentration to get at least a little bit usable. then it is not more than the last 5 minutes i can train properly. but he "use" Fajin throughout the forms, even when he just arrived to the lessons (late as usual). And his spirituality combined with an alternative lifestyle etc... horrendous. He is rather handsome, and i fell for him for a bit, but quite frankly he's just getting on my nerves these days. What should i do? Probably im going to ignore him and just get better.
Same regarding E. overly spiritual. He is one of those you expect to go to india for a while to find "God". Or gob, for that matter. He cant decide what sort of spiritual healing course he should do now. And he stinks. I mean, really. he does. As if he never has heard anything of deodorants. And educationally speaking he is a loser. As are F. and G. The only exception is H, but unfortunately i dont see him very often.
I highly respect A and H, even if, eventually, it felt as if A tried to slow me down quite a bit, i respect B, but the others i do not respect in the slightest.
Oh, there is someone else i like quite a bit in the course, but he is just an "ordinary" student. no assistant or anything. So it doesnt count.

Maybe i should switch again. Find another teacher. Someone who gets my true respect, meaning that it doesnt vanish after few months. *pissed off*

Oh and another reason for being pissed off is that B only strongly supports C - G, not so much H... for whatever reason.

(D has been doing this MA for little more than half a year now, and he knows 3 or 4 forms already. eh?)

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