Monday, November 06, 2006

What a fun night.

Saturday night i went to see Borat... a very recommendable movie btw. My friend and i went there for the prime time show, but as it turned out it was sold out already. But we gladly took the chance to go and see it in the late evening (10 pm). When we got the tickets, S. has seen a friend of hers, M., standing there too, and we went there to chat him up. Them actually, because he was with a friend, W., from Birmingham. Since they wanted to see Borat as well we asked them if they wanted to go to the late night show with us. M. was quite eager to do so, but W. kept complaining and complaining... whyever. At least he thought i was English, which was quite cool. Well. He also never smiled (apart from one situation), never got to the point but always tried to get all attention to him.
So, we thought about what to do to kill some time... S. and I decided to go to McDonalds and get some milkshake (we are just girls that need something sweet every now and again ;)) and M. didnt mind too much, whereas W. started to complain again how much he hates fast food places, fast food in general etc etc etc. gosh.
as we arrived at Mac and got our milkshakes the guys decided to head back to get the movie tickets and we went upstairs to drink and chat. Since W. was bothering me all the time before (he can talk quite a lot, usually just to show off how cool he is... moron) S. and I were gossipping quite a bit about how bad W. was and about... uh... other things. *grins roguishly* when the guys came back. Guess what W. had in his hands? A big pack of Dunkin Donuts. But fast food is shit, eh? The most annoying thing was his "listen listen listen listen" for aaages until we were not really interested anymore and then he really started to complain. And usually he even then never got to the point or just said something as interesting as "i had noodles and salad"... i mean... whoa. that surely is extremely important.
So well, after Mac he wanted to go to the casino. Us girls tried to convince him of it being a pretty bad idea but he was so keen on going there... well. S. and I went on a walk around the buildings, talking again. Then they got out (we were waiting first and they didnt see us at all, which was quite funny :D) and W. went on complaining to me about how bad it was and that they lost money and all that.
Back to the movies he noticed that our seats were not together. "boo". and he insisted on sitting together for some reason, whereas S. and I were glead about having the rest from him, and the film was quite awesome, as said before.

Oh, by the way, if you dont know english too well, then dont friggin go and watch the original version of a film if you need everything translated! Morons!

Outside again he was standing at a table, arms folded, looking dead serious... but as i greeted him with "Hey there, happy one" he smiled! yes! a real, genuine smile! one would have been able to believe that! and asked me about my favourite parts of the film (most funny parts) that no one else laughed about for example. We agreed that we loved the hinting on the Koran-thing, but then he kept nagging me for more scenes. Which i couldnt tell, just had the overall impression... There he was, sulking. but when i asked him, he couldnt name me any scenes either...

Back to the train (took ages to get there, thanks to W.) the cultural difference between English speaking countries (Americans are the same, really). M., S. and I were chatting in German for a moment, but it was really of no interest for W., so it wouldnt have changed anything if we talked in english. but it was a bit quicker for the other two to do it in German (I dont mind either, really) so well. In the train W. started to diss M. quite badly because he was talking in german.

Something along the lines "I am your guest, so you dont f*cking talk in German while i am there! That is just rude!" blablablablabla.. and he kept going on, getting louder and louder, while i started to build up some explosion material too... tried to have a go at him (because if we were visiting his country he would require US to speak english there because we were guests and had to fit in etc.) which he countered with "Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?" blabla (i asked him back).

If we werent in a train i would have started to show him his limits properly, but i didnt want to go down to his level on the train. In a quieter location, yes. On the train, no. But the other passengers were amused... Understandably.

Gosh, was he arrogant. I am sure he easily gets violent too....

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