Friday, December 15, 2006

Jesus Camp

Thanks to Ben i have seen this really disturbing video. it is worth seeing though. There are two kids that play a major part in this video: Rachel and Levy.
Rachel is one of those kids you actually want to take away and brainwash her in a way that makes her forget the current brainwash. Big sympathy for her, she is already rather freak-ish, I wonder how bad it will be later on in her life.
Levy, the boy, on the other hand, is a different matter. Actually I sympathise with him. Yeah, he had to hold this preach etc etc, but he did it quite well, and I assume that, as long as you dont touch any religious matter talkwise, you can get along with him very well. Though hearing him say that when talking to non-christians something would be missing makes me feel sick again. Anyhow, it is an interesting flick - oh and i can also recommend actually clicking on the videos to see the comments, some of them are rather interesting...

Apparently someone started to bitch and caused youtube to remove the videos. if you happen to find them, feel free to note me :)

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