Tuesday, March 11, 2008

back to life

I haven't been here in quite a while, and this has got many reasons. Some of which are university-related, some of which are tech-related and as hukl himself said recently, if you have something to write then you usually don't have the time to write it down. And when you do have the time (this is my addition now) then it doesn't seem blogworthy anymore.

So there I am, getting off my own bum and finally posting something again; the guy behind the matoushin blog (assuming Matoushin really is a guy ;)) sort of inspired me with a number of his posts to revive my blog again. So what happened? That i will press into other, separate posts. What's gonna happen?
Well, I am kind of in the process of making a review site for DS games, I guess meanwhile i may just as well post my reviews here for a while. Also some other rants are going to happen. I was even considering to post my latest findings related to my studies here, but I won't risk posting wrong stuff here, otherwise i might be held liable at some point. What i will add again though are the horrors my computers put me through sometimes. They possibly don't like me because I put them through mean things like a windows/linux dualboot in 64 bit.... so yeah, lets hope this blog will stay alive for a bit longer this time ;)


Traeumerlinchen said...


Matoushin said...

This shows how often I look myself up on the internet.

Yes, I'm a guy, and I'm glad I inspired you to do something. Alas that it ended in April.

Hope you're well. :)