Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zoom - Kick - Persuasion - Tech

I am going to learn how to play the banjo someday. I simply have to. I have been reminded of this by a song called "Blood of a Young Wolf" by the artist Buck 65. You might call him Hip Hop, but i refuse to do so, because I associate "Gangsters" with Hip Hop. With Buck 65 I simply associate "I would". Hire him to write lyrics for me, I mean. He's like a poet who supports his words with beats and other instrumentals. And some turntable-action as well. I can assure, if you have heard Blood of a young wolf you haven't heard "his music" per se, pretty much every track is different. For the better or for the worse, depends on each track and each to their own etc.
When I saw him live just recently (for the first time, as well) I certainly enjoyed it quite a lot, but there was something I had to get used to: he moves like he's got Autism or Asperger's. Judging by his words the latter might just be possible (and is in a way a good thing), but if he danced like that in the crowd I doubt he would have got a prize. However, it was charming somehow. And he certainly is rather handsome (how do all the other musicians get rid of their spots and I am still stuck with them at the age of almost 23?? hmpf.)
Well. I should get back to my own lyrics again, I guess. (but seriously, I would.)

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